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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 5pm  FOX  June 23, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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the us legally. no support. president obama's immigration plan would have fielded millions of immigrations united states from deportation. >> for more more than two decades now our immigration system everyone at colleges has been broken. and the fact that the supreme court was not able to issue a decision today is not just set the system back even further it takes us further from a country we aspire to be. president >> as obama says he's disappointed in the inability to make a ruling on immigration today. the present also said today's ruling highlights why it is important have a full bench of the supreme court. the president urged congress to approve his nominee, merrick garland to the us supreme court. immigration supporters responded almost immediately to the ruling today. we were in san jose where a community made it clear they are not done fighting. >> advocates say they will continue to work for reform, still they call it a
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devastating setback. at a rally in san jose this morning families of undocumented workers made their message clear. their hopes are dashed and their hearts are broken. >> there are no words to express how deeply disappointed my entire community is. how much relief this would have had on everyone. >> doppler, pres. obama's immigration plan could've helped as many as 5 million unauthorized immigrants, sparing parents immigrants, sparing parents of citizens from deportation granting them work for mets. but a deadlock supreme court means a lower court ruling to block the measure will stand. >> this will not keep most of our undocumented community in the dark. >> the case originated out of texas and the texas attorney general released a statement saying it's proof that one person even a president cannot unilaterally change the law. republican leader paul ryan agrees. >> this is a win for the constitution. it is a win for congress and it is a win for our fire to
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restore the separation of powers. presidents don't write laws, congress rights laws. >> people like ramon who for his own protection does not want to give his own name says he has dreamed what option -- doppler would mean for him. >> you can have a shot to be better in your life >> 3p torres had imagined how it would be felt to know how parents would've been deported. >> still politicians say they cannot give up hope. rep -- >> this fight is not over. >> advocates for immigration reform agree this is not the end. >> we are not giving giving up we will continue organizing our community talking to a local elected officials and congresspeople. >> there hope for immigration reform will make it back to the supreme court eventually. in the meantime, those meantime, those who can will take their message to the
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polls. >> we will remember this in november. >> whipped keep fighting because we have no choice. >> several other rallies are planned for tonight including one at the martin luther king jr. library at 5:30 pm and another at the most holy trinity church. that one is set for 6:30 p.m. in san francisco today several community groups reacted to the supreme court decision during a noontime rally at the women's building on 18th near guerrero. immigration rights activist expressed their disappointment. not only about the ruling, butt how it was reached. >> with the start of the failure of republicans in congress to do their constitutional duty and confirm nice justice that would've given a final decision. we have the story of a failure of the sitting justices to allow this limited remedy to go forward. >> activist said they would continue to fight deportations they say are splitting families and communities and work toward
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solution to the problem of illegal immigration. new developments in the fight over gun control. house democrats and their 25 hour sit in on the house floor as congress went home for the holiday. this chaotic scene began after for gun control measures were voted down in the senate and gop leadership would not allow a vote in the house. during the city and which began, congresswoman barbara lee spoke about gun violence in oakland and the need for gun control. >> what we have done today once again is just the beginning. but i think it is a wake-up call for the nra and their supporters. because no more are we going to allow them to run the show. >> democrats say they want to expand background checks and curb the sale of guns to potential terror suspects. they are vowing to continue their fight for gun control measure when congress returns
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july 5. services were held today for a 16-year-old girl who was shot and killed last week in oakland. >> and him gunmen randomly opened fire just two blocks from city hall. she was hit in the chest and killed for no reason. were at the funeral today and rob, what was especially touching was watching that horse-drawn carriage carry her casket to the church down international boulevard. >> today's funeral was uplifting but was also extremely hard retching as family and friends came to save goodbye 216 -year-old originate jeffries. on a warm sunny morning a cold somber scene. a horse-drawn carriage carry the body of 16 -year-old originate jeffries through the streets of oakland to the doors of ask for gospel church. and for some, the the pain of what happened began to set in. those who knew her say she loved to dance and often danced to honor others. today a spirited dance to honor
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her. she was gunned down last week. week. she was attending a vigil for two teenage friends who drowned the shots rang out. >> it replays in my head over and over. i can hear you saying you love me. i wish you were here so i can tell you i try. >> another friend who was injured in the shooting is still wearing a cast. she grew up in oakland and was about to enter her senior year at your valley high school in antioch. she was active active in clubs and was looking forward to college. >> she would be the first one to dance and break the ice and always was the life of the
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party. >> and she was a typical teenager. >> i'm really going to miss her babysitting because all you needed was wife right wi-fi and you are going to get her free of charge. >> there were calls to stop the senseless violence claiming so many young lives. one fred friends that if she could she would tell people to stop crying. but today that was just not possible. >> it was so touching hearing her friends talk, specially the woman who actually held her hand, the 17-year-old who held her hand as she was dying. what touched you the most being up there ? >> that and all of the young people and all of the young people who were there and the fact that there were so many that this was not the first funeral. when you think about it, so many young people going to funerals that's kind of for grown-ups. and so many of them have been to so many funerals. so that was pretty much it. the fact that she had such a
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vibrant life and so many friends and was just ... >> you know yesterday will you talked with her great aunt and they had written a letter to the gov. should written a letter to the governor asking begging for help in curbing violence in oakland and also siding solving her killing. also i think they were disappointed in the response of they got. seems like the gov.'s the governor's office has reached out again to the family. >> yes let yet yesterday her aunt wrote a compassionate letter asking that the governor do something, asking that the government do something and they got a very fluid type response. after our story aired and today the family did hear again from the gov.'s office of apologizing and calling that response unacceptable. they said the same thing to us in that letter is up on our screen. but, when we asked him when the
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family asked, is anything substantive going to come from the letter ? not? not just an apology, but something of substance we both heard, no comment. >> ridgely's family is asking anyone who knows anything about her death to call police. and no matter how small the detail may seem to you. the fact is that it could potentially be the difference in leading to an arrest. so this is the anonymous tip line. you can call this, no one will know you called it. the numbers 510 238-7950. if you would 950. if you would like to read the zero that her aunt road to the gov., it is a very very touching letter. we have posted the entire letter online at ktvu .com. it is been a deadly 24 hour for by slicks bicyclists in the area with another woman killed this morning it happened around 7:00 a.m. the unidentified female bicyclist was pronounced dead at the scene. police say say the driver stopped and is cooperating with
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investigators. two other bicyclists were killed last night in san francisco. and both of those cases the driver did not stop. the first involved a woman riding her bark -- bike around six pm last night. and around 8:30 pm another female cyclist was killed in the city soma neighborhood near the intersection of some -- seventh and howard street. >> they are not accidents. these are tragedies that can be prevented. >> mayor ed lee condemn the actions of the drivers in both fatal hit and runs. calling them irresponsible and outrageous. the most recent incident happened at 8:30 pm last night's seventh and howard. where witnesses say a man ran a red light man ran a red light slamming into a cyclist, 26 road catherine flattery. police arrested a 32 -year-old driver seeing here in facebook photos. just just two and half hours prior golden gate park a driver
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and a stolen y honda struck and killed 41 -year-old heather miller. ktvu is linda may be a possible relationship between the suspect in the car's owner. police questioned her today after she recently reported the car stolen. >> both of these crashes occurred in areas where the city urgently needs to install protective bike lanes. >> market mccarthy with the san francisco bicycle coalition said the city needs to step up. >> the section of jfk drive where the person was riding last night has no lane, it doesn't even have that token effort of a share route. now it's one of the most heavily roots in san francisco. >> the city has reengineered certain streets and re- timed lights as part of vision zero. a part of plan to eliminate all pedestrian bicycle fatalities but each year at about 30 people die and city streets. developing news now. air force one just landed at moffett field in mountain view.
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there you see air feels -- air force one taxing up the runway. the president touchdown is in that area to attend the global entrepreneurial summit in san jose it showcases america's entrepreneurial stewart -- spirit and features entrepreneurs all across the globe. the pres. president is expected to remain overnight in san francisco. again air force one just touched down at moffett field in the south bay. he left his phone behind at a crime scene and it led to a bizarre kidnapping in vallejo. the suspect wanted all that information in his phone thrown out. the ruling from a federal judge today. state investigators along the southern california coast are expecting an oil spill involving thousands and thousands of crude. one thing that may prevent this oil from reaching the ocean. another case of a baltimore
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police officer accused of killing a baltimore suspect in police custody. this time they were the most serious charges and the officer was pacing. why this verdict could throw the rest of the cases into jeopardy. the bay area is clear and warm this afternoon. get ready for warmer temperatures. we will let you know when triple digits return.
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to baltimore in another verdict in the freddy gray case. judge they found the city police officer not guilty of all charges. his third officer to stand trial and controversial case with three other officers charged in facing similar accusations. doug mcelwain is involved baltimore says today's acquittal throws the rest of those cases into jeopardy.
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>> officer caesar goodson face the most serious charge of all of the six officers arrested. second-degree murder. he was the driver of the transport van carrying gray when he sustained fatal injury to his neck. great died one week later to an injury of the spinal cord. prosecutors say goodson was responsible for injury gray during a rough ride and failed to get them medical attention. the defense however are doing great caused his own injuries by thrashing around in the back of the van. >> we start using a term like rough ride we are talking that a deliberate attempt to injure a passenger. i'm not sure you can drive that from that one term. >> goodson a 16 -year-old veteran of the force of electric for it edge trial. all tumors fraternal of order of police is praising today's decision and is now calling on the state attorney to drop the cases against four other drop off officers charged in gray's death. >> she is done at this service to our members, the, the city of baltimore and its citizens. >> raise death laster's off
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days of rioting and looting. so so far today has remained mostly peaceful despite posted protesters disappointment and verdict. >> maybe no one intended to do anything criminal the rules and process have to change. >> today's verdict was handed down by the same judge who also found officer edward d of not guilty of all charges related to gray's death. the death. the next trial of the next officer is set for july fifth. crews are working to clean up a large crude oil spill in ventura county. you can see some of the oil in some of the ravines. southern california authorities say about 29,000 gallons of oil is leaking. the oil float about a half-mile down but is not expected to reach a local beach. the cause of the leak is still being investigated. the leak is still being investigated. environmental health and fish and game have been notified. a beautiful day across the entire bay area. we of some patchy fog today but lots of sunshine and temperatures are in the count
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comfortable side in the 60s-70s- 80s. you can see why we have cooled off in the past couple of days and it is our peers the weather system produces rainfall toward the pacific northwest. and with that cooler air we fell yesterday's lingering today. that will scoot out of town as we are talking the warmer temperatures pretty only fault i the warmer temperatures per the only fault i could find close to the southern california and los angeles that for us we are in the clear pretty think a few patches will redevelop late tonight and early tomorrow morning for your friday. check in on some of the current numbers for the 5:00 p.m. hour we have some nice comfortable readings out toward livermore 83, san jose 77 oakland 73 san francisco checking in at 630. very nice and the city with a bit of a breeze with winds around 10-20 miles an hour. here's our live camera showing nothing but blue and i think we will have more sunshine think we will have more sunshine in the forecast through the weekend. san francisco here's the game plan patchy fog to start out today 7:00 a.m. our sky cast showing increasing
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sunshine in the afternoon with partly to mostly sunny skies. by four pm san francisco easily in the upper 60s. we have been watching this over the past couple of days this area of low pressure to the north. don't rainfall for us but it did cool us off. it will be on the move tomorrow and as a result temperatures inland could be a little bit warmer and bigger changes by the weekend as this big area of high pressure builds in for the desert southwest and it will work its way back toward the bay area. talking about 90s inland and in fact the warmest locations could be in the upper 90s. we will check the five day forecast and have more breaking news with the president in the bay area coming up. let's go live to moffett field where president obama is getting off of air force one. the president will be staying at the intercontinental hotel tonight. there will be a lot of road closures as a result. tomorrow he tomorrow he will be speaking with mark zuckerberg
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at stanford university. >> those remarks will be made at a panel discussion taking place in silicon valley. there are about 1200 entrepreneurs from 170 countries that will be meeting there and stanford. he will be talking to some of the biggest and brightest in silicon valley about entrepreneurship and about technology and about venture capitalism. again live live pictures of president obama in the bay area. >> remember when he is staying at the look on a hotel that's right in downtown san francisco so there will be some street closures. fifth street will be closed between mission and folsom. howard street will be closed from fourth through fifth. and again that is all around the inner condo the intercontinental hotel. so keep in mind it will be a busy third thursday evening and your commute may be affected as a result for the presidents trip. and tomorrow he will be driving down from san francisco to palo
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alto so keep in mind that could cause problems as well. generally they have rolling road closures as something like that happens. again live pictures pres. obama touchdown obama touchdown a few minutes ago it moffett field in the south bay. they were accused of ripping off another band when creating their head, stairway to heaven. today the jury in the led zeppelin case weighs in. increased security after that massacre in orlando. changes coming to san francisco's five weekend. we will tell you what to expect. will the vote in the united kingdom to leave the european union? the historic vote counting now underway.
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british voters are casting their votes on whether to leave the european union. right now the race is too close to call. the votes to leave the union and stay are just about 15,000 votes apart right now with leaving the union in a slightly. today the european markets opened slightly higher than usual. experts say the breast is thanks to the open and polling numbers showing last-minute increase in support for great britain to stay in the union. according to financial analysts, the strong strong market numbers mean investors believe there is minimal chance of written leaving the european union. >> it is looking very positive yet again. the markets had a very good run
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over the last week or so. we have seen the last week for the paying that we've seen in six years. markets will be taking a very big bat and best book makers are right there's a minimal chance at of confining polls that say at the moment too close to call. >> the voting will remain open until late this evening with a final result will be coming in early tomorrow morning. led zeppelin has been a lawsuit claiming the band stole the iconic guitar riff in stairway to heaven. the los angeles journey came back with its verdict today. the trustee of the late musician randy wolf of the group spirit claim that led zeppelin copied the rift from spirits 1968 instrumental. during the trial band members be page and robert plant denied they had plagiarized the court. they released a statement saying they were thankful for the decision and that it puts to rest questions about the origin of stairway to help have " confirming what we've
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known for 45 years. volkswagen is going to spend more than $10 million to settle its omission cheating scandal. the associated press reports most of the money will go to compensate the 482,000 owners of hundred 82,000 owners of cars that have diesel engines illegally rigged to pass smog tests. investigators found the car's admitted more more than 40 times the legal limit of nitrogen oxide which could cause breathing problems. as part of the proposed settlement volkswagen will buy back the cars or fix them for free. however, you should know this. the fix will likely hit the car -- hurt the cars mileage and the cars acceleration. the bill -- deal still needs approval by regulators. two big stories one involving a bay area police department scandal and another involving a bizarre kidnapping. why the suspect in the case was arguing have key evidence thrown out. air force one landing at moffett field as you are watching live pictures of president obama. he is in town to attend a big
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summit in regards to technology. we will tell you more about that we come back. and i'm still not ready. the reason i'm telling you this is that there will be moments in your life that... you'll never be ready for. your little girl getting married being one of them. ♪ ♪
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a crime reporter henry lee is here with updates on a couple of stories. one that bizarre kidnapping in vallejo that made national headlines. we will get to that in just a moment. but first with breaking news
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from the oakland police department. and we has been talking for a few days now about a homicide sergeant who had someone else transcribe his reports. what happened today ? >> within the last 30 minutes the alameda county das office clear the homicide sergeant of any criminal wrongdoing for having a friend transcribe witness interviews and 10 cases. the da says however, it is still possible the surgeon may have violated oakland police policies. officials said the sergeant had a friend transcribe audio recordings in 2013 and 14. this woman was given cds of the recordings, but never saw any other documents including police reports, criminal histories other documents including police reports, criminal histories or the sergeants notes according to the dea. 10 criminal cases, seven are already over. three are still pending including an upcoming murder trial in the killing of a woman known as the pet nanny. earlier today i got a chance to speak with the oakland city administrator who's in charge of the oakland police. she is responsible for administrative and personal
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decisions while acting assistant chief, david downing is in charge of day-to-day operations. both were at the oakland police eastmont substation. she spoke to officers and a lineup and said her measures were simple. she supports them even though the department is caught up on a number of misconduct investigation. >> my priority is really come and talk to these guys and let them know we are here to support them. the administration is stable and confident in its actions and we really are here for this department to support them during this transition. >> they are also looking into leaks within the department. >> they are saying that sabrina was told me they are not necessarily going after whistleblowers as they are going after it illegal breaches of confidential information. they want to get to the bottom of this, but in the work right right way. >> does that seem at all strange? here the department is faced with these scandals. he just have have the 16 -year-old teenager shot and killed last week two blocks
5:32 pm
from city hall and they are worried about leaks? >> we spoke to civil rights attorney, dan siegel and he called this week's investigation nixon asked he says they are much better things for the oakland police department to do including looking at these homicide investigations. let's talk about that bizarre kidnapping case in vallejo. there was a key ruling today. >> today a federal judge in sacramento denied a motion to motion to throw out key evidence in the bizarre vallejo to napping case. the attorney for the suspect, matthew moeller said police illegally accessed his cell phone which he illegally left behind waffling and unrelated burglary last year. we spoke to his attorney, tom johnson outside court and here's what he had to say. >> it's a phone mr. mueller's that was search without a warrant. in phones are devices that are so personal for all of us americans and the fourth
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amendment is a critical critical piece of our criminal justice decision. >> the judge in sacramento agreed with prosecutors saying that a suspect cannot expect privacy for an item left behind. investigators say after unlocking the phone they were able to link moeller with the abduction of denise hoskins in vallejo a few weeks earlier. that case was left wide open when police mistakenly labeled it a hoax and then admitted that it actually happened. the family says the couple was traumatized for what happened. >> we go from this terrible violent ordeal to them being accused in international media as being liars. so unless the guy gets caught it's a total roller coaster. they have been better since they caught this perpetrator but i don't know how you fully get over a trauma like that. >> vallejo police have apologized to the couple but
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are now facing a civil rights lawsuit. >> this ruling today the suspect and this clearly is no surprise. >> it's called the fruit of the poison tree argument which defense attorneys typically bring up but it was a long uphill road. two tragedies in the bay area prompting a lawmaker to push for change. sen. jerry hill is offered this legislation. one bill is moving forward in sacramento. it targets current laws that do not require contractors to report past settlements to the board that oversees them. this bill was inspired by the berkeley balcony collapse last year year that killed six people and injured seven others. another bill senator hill has authored target state safety inspections for buses and limos. >> we of legislation right now that will be in the assembly committee on monday that will hopefully clarify this and try to find those bad actors. those companies those companies that have a lot of violations and get those bad buses and violating buses off the street.
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>> just this week you may remember a party bus driver was arrested after police stopped the bus and found 33 teenagers, marijuana, and booze. a big event happening tonight in the world of sports. the nba draft, dreams come true for call and start tonight. coming up we are following the draft prospect and the former member of the calaveras. and preview who the warriors might take in the first round. an update on the first round. an update on the shooting and hostage situation inside a movie theater in germany -- germany. what investigators say the gunmen was not tied to.
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german police shot and killed a man who opened fire in a movie theater south of frankfurt today. a masked man fired at least one shot into the air inside the theater before he barricaded himself inside with hostages. german officials say police stormed the building about three hours later and took the gunmen down. they say the gunman was killed, but no one else was injured. they are still investigating a motive for the attack. but they say there was no indication he was connected to a terrorist it was connected to a terrorist plot. the colombian president signed off on a peace deal in havana, cuba today that will help and a civil war with the rebel group read it is a war that has been going on in columbia for 52 years and has killed more than 220,000
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people. this agreement calls for a cease-fire and the rebel disarmament. un secretary-general was on hand for the ceremony. back now to the developing news we should do a couple of minutes ago. air force one touching down at moffett field in the south bay. >> we now want to go to moffett field with more. >> i do not know how no matter how old you get it is always cool to see air force one arrived. in the mayors they are worried mayor, you were there to greet the president as he got off the plane. tell me first, would you say to the pres. ? i know you've seen him before, but what you say to him? >> i mentioned to him that he needs to pick up someone on the way to silicon valley and that he and congresswoman ash were good friends. >> >> you talked a little bit about your initiative to try to eradicate gangs and at least get the gang members and turn
5:40 pm
them in a different direction. >> gang prevention education opportunity initiative called my brother's keeper which the white house launched about one and a half years ago. we have been participating with the white house and seeing how we can ordinate services and key stakeholders to give more to young people opportunities and pass away from gangs and we've had great support from the white house. >> he is here for pretty important reason i know he has done it before and this is the last one, before he leaves the white house. but tell me how do you feel that he continues to push this throughout his presidency, right up almost to the end ? >> this is a president who understands innovation and gets silicon valley. the fact that he is here and silicon valley certainly cements our brand here in the valley. we have had an enormous amount of opportunity working with
5:41 pm
this white house and pushing for civic innovations to tackle many of our biggest challenges using digital tools, analytics and so forth an awful lot of that has been let out of this white house. >> you have spent sometimes are he spent some time with folks over here. he was greeting people and taking a few selfies. he spent some time with folks. he doesn't just land and run off. >> this is a wonderfully personable president. and i can say i get an opportunity to meet a lot of folks in elected office and this is one of the most genuine people you will me. >> mayor thank you so much for your time i know you have a tight schedule appreciated. >> the president boarded marine one we will show you that video coming up at six pm but they are headed up to san francisco where he will spend the night and attend a summit tomorrow. >> jesse, you touched on it at the top. there's always something
5:42 pm
special about seeing air force one land and taxi right in front of you it is such a beautiful plane. >> it never gets old. granted granted i am a little bit of a cake and i stay up late at night watching documentaries on this plane and what it has, and how cool it is. but it never gets old. i've done this several times before and it never gets old. you're standing here waiting for the president we thought initially woodland about 5:30 p.m. so i wasn't eagle eye in the sky in about 5:10 p.m. is like wait a minute , there it is coming in of the horizon. so that feeling the hairs on the back of your neck stand up. i don't care how many times you do this. a great assignment. >> i couldn't agree with you more on that one. the us supreme court's ruling on immigration was a major topic on the campaign trail. how both democratic candidates responded. in weather clear skies and a sunny day across the entire bay area and comfortable temperatures as well. we are talking about temperatures as well. we are talking about a warm-up and when parts of the area
5:43 pm
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immigration is a major issue in this year's presidential race and today the remaining three candidates address the us supreme court decision regarding immigration. this comes as donald trump is heading out of the country. mike emanuel is in washington with more. >> donald trump is stepping away from the campaign trail. the presumptive republican nominee traveling to scotland
5:46 pm
to track on two golf courses. the timing of trump's trip drawing criticism following the departure of his campaign manager. and the revelation that his campaign had far less cash on hand than hillary clinton did at the start of the most. >> i don't think she has more money than we do in the end donald trump can ride a check and make a zero today. but we are not to spend its they were suspended in the fall. >> trumps likely democratic rival has no events planned during his overseas trip. but hillary clinton is not staying quite on a hot button issue. the button issue. the former secretary of state reacting to the supreme court's decision which box part of pres. obama's' immigration plan. today tweeting today's heartbreaking immigration ruling could tear apart 5 million families facing deportation. we must do better. immigration is a major focus for bernie sanders as well. the vermont senator who is still -- still seeking that democratic nomination even though hillary clinton is already the parties presumptive candidate addressed the latino community today. >> we need in immigration policy which brings families
5:47 pm
together , which unites people, not defied them. >> donald trump also weighed in on immigration today. releasing a statement saying that the supreme court's ruling blocked one of the most unconstitutional actions ever taken by president. v supreme court delivered a victory to advocates in the formative action by vote of fourmac-threemac. the justices upheld the use of race at the university of texas. this puts an end to the fisher versus texas case that was brought forward in 2013 when abigail fisher a y texas woman sued the university claiming that the sears -- school's affirmative action amounted to unconstitutional racial discrimination.
5:48 pm
we want to bring in our meteorologist, mark let's take a look at those skies. >> the backdrop of san francisco always looks so rich. and it looks like the timing is perfect with the forecast as well. some patchy fog for the morning hours but later in the day lots of sunshine and temperatures back into the 70s. there are a lot of events in the bay area this weekend in the weather will be shaping up to be nice as well. temperatures today i would call him the perfect range. it was not too cold or hot just kind of in the warm range. 67 in san francisco, santa rosa 89, lower 90s out rosa 89, lower 90s out toward antioch and san jose lower 80s, 82 degrees. outside right now our live camera looking out toward the
5:49 pm
bay bridge toward san francisco in the clear. a bit of haze out there with some patchy fog could be making a comeback first thing tomorrow morning. right now the low cloud cover is focused down toward southern california closer to los angeles. overcast will regroup your our shoreline late tonight and into tomorrow morning. current numbers right now san francisco checking in at 630. san jose in the 70s and. san jose in the 70s and livermore at 83. pretty warm temperatures inland, but on the comfortable side. you will probably also notice the winds pre- speed as the sea breeze kicks up. whenever you get a difference in temperature from the inland areas to the coastal spots that generates pressure difference and generates the wind. that typically happens by mid afternoon. outdoor afternoon. how tour fairfield that southwesterly wind of 30 miles an hour. san jose winds are sustained at 18 miles an hour. first thing tomorrow morning partly cloudy skies with areas of fog and temperatures will be in the 50s to start out your
5:50 pm
friday morning. you can see this weather system has been sitting around over the past couple of days pretty will move out for tomorrow. as a result clearing skies back to the coast line and a it of a breeze once again. into the weekend this area of high pressure rebuild and it it will be the source of warming the seat weekend especially in the warming and that will translate into mid impossibly upper 90s will stick around until early next week. it could strengthen by tuesday and wednesday and a few spots could be around 1000, or topping 100. that could be wednesday or thursday. forecast for tomorrow morning showing the return of the fog around the coast and the bay. and then into the afternoon hours partly to mostly sunny skies. the bright colors to reflect the temperature range out there from the greens in the 60s to the reds in the 90s. the warmest location to the reds in the 90s. the warmest locations tomorrow will be approaching the lower 90s. we have nascar in the bay area in the north bay for sonoma race wait for tomorrow we do expect temperatures at 10:00 a.m.
5:51 pm
in the upper 60s and that track to be reached the upper 80s by three pm in the 90s are heading up there this weekend saturday and sunday. temperatures for tomorrow seller santa rosa 91, fairfield 92, oakland 92, oakland 70s six lots of 90s inland to livermore pleasant and out toward antioch and brentwood. san jose mid-80s and 85, fremont 82, san francisco a very nice afternoon with some overcast and still patches in the early and still patches in the early portion of the afternoon with temperatures approaching the lower 70s. here's a look ahead at the five day forecast we will continue to warm up those numbers saturday and sunday special for the inland areas. notice the bayside location is not warming up with the extreme bounce of temperatures in the beach is only close to 700 pretty can see tuesday 99 inland and maybe by wednesday and thursday that may go to 100- 1010. so get ready another round of warm high temperatures back in the forecast. and i know frank you will be in the forecast. and i know frank you will be excited with the cars up in
5:52 pm
sonoma. >> a huge crowd. the biggest piece of advice go early, leave late because the traffic is a nightmare. >> i remember last year i was there for the first time and everything is so loud in the energy and the vibration ... >> it's going to be hot. >> i would never >> yeah but get ready for heat up there. >> frank is too cool for earmarks. >> i want to hear the engine. how about this ? in this? in the mood for a large pepperoni? it won't be made by humans. how about a robot. today we got a look at how to make a 3-d print of any type of pizza. customers use an apt to order a personalize pizza and the machine does all the work. so that machine rolls out the
5:53 pm
dough, puts all of the ingredients on it. it's led by led by the same engineer who invented 3-d food printer robot for nasa. the company says it hopes to make customized food cleaner, healthier, and faster. it only faster. it only takes one person by the way to run that machine. >> i like to see the pizza maker spinning the dow. a life-changing moment for a basketball team. the nba draft going on right now you might say jail and brown has the luck of the irish. here. hear what he has to say. the polls have closed as the united kingdom has cast a historic vote or the question being asked, will bridge bridge remain in the european union? preparation for pride weekend are well underway. what you can expect for this week's event as police beef up security in the wake of the massacre in orlando.
5:54 pm
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
one of the best players on the calaveras basketball team was just selected in the nba draft. >> the draft is going on right now. our sports director is here. are you surprised? >> a little bit. what about the nba? keep their league and product in the news. so four days later and it is
5:57 pm
draft day. not quite as big a deal is the nba draft. but we had a little bit of an eyebrow raiser with jail and brown going number three. he was clearly projected to be in the top 10. but top 10. but the boston celtics make a move on who was the pack 12 freshman of the year. he averaged 14.6 points per game and his game offensively still somewhat rough. but this is a guy athletic league gifted. works hard, pays, pays attention to fundamentals and really got in at chance to be an elite defender in the mba. a little bit of a project, but he is thought highly enough to go number three in the draft. and here he is is what he had to say on the announcement. >> i honestly had no idea. i was sweating bullets over there i was so nervous. i did not get up where i am but i'm only 19 and sometimes we get that and i'm trying to do things so independently. just be a kid, be yourself. never compromise your values and always remember compromise your values and always remember
5:58 pm
who you are and where you came from. >> from all reports he's a very grounded kid captain of the chest team in high school. 19 years old, instantaneous millionaire >> if you are wondering about the golden state warriors, they picked number 30 that will be between 7:00 p.m. and 7:30 pm tonight. you're thinking you're thinking number 30, what are they going to get? dream on green number 35 selection. so you can get a good player. pres. obama arrives in the bay area tonight after a key portion of his immigration plan was blocked by a tie vote in the us supreme court. the fourmac-fourmac ruling effectively kills an executive ruling that sought to shield millions of people from deportation. >> pres. obama arrived about 45 minutes
5:59 pm
ago after being handed fat huge disappointment back in washington this morning. air force one touched down at moffett field about 510 pm. the company was accompanied off the plane by south bay congresswoman anna eshoo. a handful of politicians were also there to greet him. pres. obama plans to stay in san francisco and attend the final installment of his global entrepreneurship summit tomorrow at stanford. we are now at moffett field where the pres. is mingling with some of the people who were allowed on the tarmac to greet him. >> that is right and we have moved to the area where the vips were waiting for the pres. right about here and the president walked along the trench line and shook a lot of hands. to pictures and greeted people. we talked to one family who say that it's an honor to stand with him and say he's a very genuine person. as heather said air force one landed about 5:10 pm which is a little early. we expect him around 5:30 p.m. but it was just literally out of the blue air force one cayman of the horizon and
6:00 pm
touchdown here at moffett field and made a long loop around the back and pulled up right in front of the tower , or the flight operations building your moffett field. the pres. came down with congresswoman eshoo from the 18th district. you must mention his disappointment from the tie at the supreme court this morning. we talked to the mayor who was one of the dignitaries greeting the president. he said that the pres. was disappointed about that but that he is optimistic and up beat and we talked to the supervisors president who said, this is going to get done whether it is this presidency or somewhere down the line. but he is confident that the pres. has put the nation on the right track to have some kind of immigration reform. as why the pres. is in california, that is where the gs summit in stamford tomorrow. we talked to the mayor about that and the importance of having a president of having a president who is committed to pushing


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